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Classic Carret-Common Sense from an Uncommon Man

Any man who follows solar eclipses around the world and was active on Wall Street for seventy years, should have a perspective on the market and life that is worth considering. This article presents selected quotes from Philip Carret on a variety of subjects.

Business Practices
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Ask Yourself Six Key Questions

  1. Does the company have a long record of earnings, with an unbroken, or almost unbroken, record of rising earnings for at least the past 10 years?


  1. Has the company’s growth been financed by borrowing money, by the issuance of additional shares of stock, or has it been financed entirely
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Twelve Commandments of Investing

Phil Carret exercised safety-based commandments. And, the last one appears to be targeted towards “intelligent speculation.” There, he advised setting aside a proportion of available funds for long-term options on stocks in promising companies whenever available. With careful study and patience, Carret knew he could predict good outcomes. Philip Carret … Read more

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Philip Carret: A Pioneer in Mutual Funds

Philip Lord Carret was born on November 29, 1896 in Lynn, Massachusetts. His parents were a 51-year-old lawyer and a 39-year-old a social worker. He was their only child. His family was well off and like others in his family he attended Harvard. The family’s earliest Harvard man was the … Read more

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