John Wooden

March 5, 2021 The 1804 House Journal 0

John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success
From Basketball to Investing

Investing seems to be a mystery to many people. It doesn’t have to be if you look at investing as a game. Think of investing as a game and remember that corporations have game plans. Structure your game like this:

Your … Read more


March 5, 2021 The 1804 House Journal 0

By Naoma Welk

When we think of women in history who have been wealthy, we think of names like Astor, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller or Hearst. We need to add Hetty Green to that list of mega-bucks’ investors.

Meet Hetty

Born in 1834 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, as Henrietta Howland Robinson (Hetty) … Read more

Edson Beers Gould

March 5, 2021 The 1804 House Journal 0

Edson Gould was born in 1902 in Newark; he died 1985 in West Reading PA.
After he graduated from Lehigh University in 1922, he started to work on Wall Street for Moody’s and spent most of his life researching. Initially, he wanted to be an engineer but he became obsessed … Read more

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Speed Resistance Lines

March 2, 2021 The 1804 House Journal 0

Speed resistance lines (SRLs) are also known as support and resistance lines. The lines can help a chartist determine where prices may go. The lines can show areas where prices could stop going up or down.
The story goes back to Charles Dow who said corrections usually correct 1/3 to … Read more