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Wall Street Bubbles

July 30, 2020 The 1804 House Journal 0
 Wall Street bubbles of over evaluation occur every few years for the same reason; people get greedy.      There is a list of reasons people get greedy and cause the bubbles.        We see an excessive amount of enthusiasm of big bubbles occurring after there has been great economic growth (railroads in the 1870s, cars and electricity in the 1920s and since 2000, internet/ technology). Bubbles create extreme amounts of enthusiasm, debt, corruption, hope, and speculation.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

July 30, 2020 The 1804 House Journal 0

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is a current economic theory/scheme used by politicians who want to fund their pet programs.

This may be the ultimate economic theory used of fiat (paper) currencies with 0%, or less, interest rates we see today. This is a time when politicians don’t have to answer … Read more